Sermon Starters

Before you begin planning worship, we suggest you read the corresponding book chapter, watch the DVD segment, and review the Adult Group Guide then with your team begin with the Sermon Starters!

The flow of the DVD is:
  • Rob introduces the flag for the session and its meaning.
  • 3—4 drivers or auto racing professionals share briefly their experiences with the flag
  • Rob segues into a longer testimony on how the flag applies to our Christian walk.
  • 7 drivers or auto racing professionals share lessons from the flag in their lives.
  • Rob wraps up and leaves your group with some thoughts or a question to discuss more.
 Instructions for your preparation:
  • Read the chapter in the book and review the reflection questions at the end of the chapter.
  • Watch the DVD segment for the session—listen for key phrases or words.
  • Review the Adult Group Guide for the session.
  • New to auto racing? Here’s a quick flag overview with Larry McReyonlds.

Consider asking your worship team or adult class leaders to meet to discuss the book and DVD so you can get their perspectives. Some of the flags and testimonies may be easier to resonate with than others.  Hearing other perspectives will make the series richer for everyone.

In auto racing, the driver is the front person and is the person who gets a lot of attention, but the driver does not race alone. The crew chief, crew, and spotter are important people who we don’t always see or know. Everyone on the team plays an important role and function; without each person’s gifts and talents the driver could not do his or her job. The body of Christ imagery found in 1 Cor. 12:14-40 is a biblical way of thinking about this.

There are many auto racing fans (one statistic we found was 1:5 people), so you will have people in your congregation who are fans. The emphasis in this churchwide series is on the flags, but you might find these additional links helpful:

Think about how to introduce the series in your sermon:
  • what the title of the study means to you
  • when your race started and possible restarts you’ve experienced
  • who the key people where who helped you grow in your race of faith

Everyone will get more out of this series if you create a safe space for people to share and hear each other’s stories.

Download the Sermon Starters (15 page PDF).